Food is so much more than just food

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Today I thought I’d  have a chat about something  that is close to my heart….FOOD

My Mum and both of my Nanna’s taught me how to cook from a very young age.  I have created many special memories that are linked to food and there are times I can remember vividly the smell of food cooking or I can visualise one of my nannas homes.

My mum and dad both worked full time when I was young and even though mum was always busy she still found the time to bake cakes, cookies, pasties or the good old sausage roll for us using recipes her mum had handed down to her.  I can remember what it was like as a kid to smell a fresh batch of cornflake cookies or  a yummy chocolate cake baking in the oven on a weekend. If my dad was home, we would always have something scrummy for morning tea on a Sunday and then my big Nanna and Pop would come to visit in the afternoon and there was yet again more yumminess there to nibble on.

I was so lucky to have had the opportunity to learn this skill of home cooking from the women that were in my life at the time.  As my sisters and I grew up, I can remember spending time with them in the kitchen using those same recipes my mums mum had handed down to her, but we were lucky enough to have some of my dads mums recipes too.  I can also remember causing a bit of havoc with empty Twistie packets and the oven  😳

Now, what we cooked was nothing fancy, it was always good home cooked, nutritious, filling, food.  Nothing like the expectations you can feel in the kitchen now.  A casserole was always a hit with my dad and sisters, not so much with me.  But something I have discovered is that most of the foods I hated as a kid I have been able to recreate them to make the same dish but with my twist on them and my kids love them and so do I.

So the wheel has continued and I have taught each of our kids (3 girls and a boy) to cook.  They each have their favourite recipes and I try to get them to explore further because while they are home and I can help guide them they’ll have the confidence to create good home cooked meals and put their own twist on them if they want to.  I’ve given my two eldest a recipe book each which I have written a couple of recipes in and then they have continued by going through my recipe book to create their own very special version of tradition to hand down for generations to come.

I think good simple tasty home cooking is something everyone has the right to learn to cook, whether it be from family, friends, neighbours or school. It goes hand in hand with learning about nutrition.  Kids need to learn simple, easy and yummy ways to cook food that is nutritious, filling, heartwarming and memorable.

So I’ll finish up with sharing with you a recipe I discovered that Jemma (our 18 yo daughter) has taken to be her favourite meal to cook  and she runs rings around me which makes my heart swell with happiness. It’s paella and the recipe is from Curtis Stone.  You can find it here.  And if there left overs they go down a treat the next day warmed up for lunch, but I did say if.

I’d love to hear about your cooking or lack of 😉  Or have you got your kids into the kitchen, do they enjoy cooking, what do they make?

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T x


Hi and welcome to my blog.  

Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you enjoy your time here 😉

My name is Tanya Kitto (this is me 😃 ) and I’m a farmers wife.  We live on our family farm in the Midwest of Western Australia. 

I’m wanting to use this space to share a little about my life, hoping to touch and maybe help others understand a little more about farming as well as connect with other farmers wives. 

So before I became a farmers wife, I was born and grew up in Geraldton Western Australia. By the time I was about 15 I was determined I was going to marry a farmer. I wanted to live on a farm and be a farmers wife. When I stop and think about that it amazes me because it shows me how I can set my mind to something and the Universe will back me up.  I left school in the last term of year 12 to work in a farm machinery dealership where after a couple of years I had found and a little bit stalked 😯the now love of my life.   

After another couple of years I had talked him into letting me move out to his farm and let him think it was a great idea if we got married 😄.  So I moved out the farm, we got married and in a span of 5 years we had 4 children, which are my life force, well they have been,  but now they’re teenagers so they don’t need mum quite so much and THAT is something I’m trying to learn to deal with. But there will be more on that later.

I love helping run our farm and have not long come to the realisation that I’m a very important spoke in the wheel.   My life is generally home based, when I’m not on the road running around after the kids, but I do love to get out in the paddock and see what’s going on.  This year is going to be a very interesting one as I’ve decided there’s a few things I want to learn, both farm and non farm related.  

I LOVE cooking and will share some of my favourite recipes as well as people who inspire me to try new recipes. 

I enjoy paper craft and taught myself to sew very simple things, so I’m hoping this blog will remind me to sit and do more of that as well as share it.  

What I express on my blog is my own personal opinion, feelings and thoughts, so please be aware of your comments as you write them.

If there is anything in particular you would like to learn or know about rural life, please ask.  I’ll do my best to answer or write a post on it.

Thanks again.

Chat soon

T x