I am now officially ‘A Harvest Widow’

Howdy Doody, how are you today?

It is a beautiful day so far today, here in the Midwest of Western Australia.  It was a lovely warm 37 degrees Celsius yesterday, so it was a beautiful day for harvesting, not necessarily so nice to be outside in (oh boy the flies are disgusting too), but good for harvesting.

Now that harvest has started, life becomes quite a bit different.  My husband usually is off to work by 6.30 or 7am every day, then gets home around 8 or 9pm every day.  I may see him a couple of times during the day, to give him his lunch or a cold drink, but those moments are mostly filled with catching up on business work or he is on the phone organising trucks to cart our grain or talking to the truck drivers to see what our grain quality is like.  This is why I have titled this post Harvest Widow, it is the title we farmers wives give ourselves as we all experience something very similar & understand what each other is going through.  It is as though we don’t have family, but we still need to feed, cook, clean, wash etc for them.

So this leaves me home all by myself & this is a very interesting one in itself.  I do love the solitude, oh so much.  But harvest goes on for 8-9 weeks & it becomes a little (to say the least) testing on moods, attitudes and relationships.

When I was a kid I can remember not wanting to eat my dinner & everyone else finishing, I was a fussy eater & would really have a hard time eating some things, I can remember sitting at the table eating all by myself & I HATED IT!!!!!  So much so that I make a point of us sitting while our kids eat, even if they’re taking so much longer than what we want, we all sit there together & talk or play or whatever until everyone has finished eating.  So eating breakfast, lunch & dinner these last 2 days all by myself has been hard & has hit me hard today.  I’m a person contact person.

Right now, this morning I decided I need to put together a plan of what I’m going to do to change the way things are this year.  I haven’t come up with a decision , yet, but I will.  The reason I need to do this is because I feel lonely.  I am home cooking, doing the bookwork & many other things I want to do, but the human contact isn’t there & this is what I miss. I am off to a good start because tonight I am going to the movies with my older sister to see Bad Moms 2, which will be a great laugh.  I think I need to commit some time each time I go to town to have some direct contact with friends & family.  I’ll get my thinking & planning cap on.

Meanwhile here’s a couple of photos of harvest that my hubby & our eldest daughter have taken (she’s working with us on the farm this year)

Close harvester canola wm
Here is one of our combines harvesting canola
Canola front wm
A closer view of the canola going into the machine
Chaser bin & tractor wm
This is a tractor & chaser bin.  Our daughter is driving one of these this year.  It collects the grain from the combine as it is harvesting
Field bins wm
Field bins, where the chaser bin empties into & the trucks collect from
Canola-truck wm
Loading the canola seeds into the truck to go to town for storing until we sell it


Ballerina wm
& here is our beautiful daughter being a ballerina   Yes there is some fun had out in the paddock, it’s not all hard work


And what’s happening on the farmer’s wife side of things…….I’ve made dinner for my husband & daughter to eat while I’m out & I’ve popped 2 banana cakes plus a carrot cake in the oven for lunchboxes.  I”ll share those recipes with you in another post.

I hope you have a wonderful day (or evening) & we’ll

Chat soon

T x



Everything lined up 

Hi there. I hope you’re having a great day today. I’m in town today as I had to bring the kids in for school and I’ve got appointments a little later so while I’m filling in some time I have the privilege to witness this paradise

Yesterday was an absolutely spectacular day. I decided I wanted to stay in bed and watch some tele so I did that, I really enjoyed watching Queen of the Desert and it ended up being about 12.30pm before I got out of bed (if not a little later). So up I got, put some washing on then went outside.

I wandered down to see my chickens and then the day started, it was an incredible one where things just went right.  I started by watering my poinciana trees which led to weeding and mulching them and being down on my hand and knees in complete synchronisation with my chickens. I mean the atmosphere was one I can’t ever remember experiencing before and in all honesty I don’t know that I can describe it in a way that gives it complete justice.  We just knew where each other was going next and kept out of each other’s way without even having to think about each other.

I in all honesty can’t even really remember how the day went. It wasn’t a day of ticking things off my list or getting stuff done but was a day of just being, a day of living, a day of one thing flowing into the next.  And it was so funny because as the day went along and I recognised that I went looking for something and found that as well as something else I’ve been wanting to do I thanked my Inner Being for letting me see all the things that made me feel so good.

I’ve been listening to a few a YouTube clips and audio books lately and the theme is one of Inner Being knowing absolutely everything that is needed in our own lives and if we are open to receiving those messages then our life can flow and be in complete synchronisation with what we are wanting to achieve.

So as I think back to what I achieved it was much much more than I thought or anticipated. But it wasn’t about achieving, it was about being.  I am oh so appreciative of yesterday and my Inner Being and the Universe and just simply everything. It was such a super day that at dinner time I was having trouble sitting still, I was buzzing with happiness and excitement not about achieving but about life and being alive. My darling husband even called me a jitterbug 😁❣️.

Thank you Universe, thank you life and thank you ME for being me.

Have a great day beautiful people.

Chat soon

T x


Is an absolutely glorious day in my part of the world. The sun is shining, the breeze is floating through (to keep the flies at bay) and the birds are chirping.

I’ve spent most of this morning in my garden and I’ve been enjoying every single moment of it. I thought I’d show you a couple of pics of just one thing that makes me happy

This is where I am currently working. I have sections in my garden and I decided last year that I would create a succulent garden, I started it half heartedly and the weeds took over, so I’ve come back in to give it some love again and it’s coming up a treat. I’ve been warmed by the sun, treated to finding some earth worms and found some offcuts I can pot up to shoot. I’ve been a bit intermittent with my gardening, because, well simply life I guess. So I have now decided that life is not going to get in the way any longer. I am going to commit to being in the garden at least once a fortnight or eve once a week,I lol start with a fortnight, because I know that is manageable.

2 years ago when I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease I had a beautiful garden, but I didn’t have the energy to get out in it to keep it up. So now 2 years has passed, I’m feeling very well and I have energy to do all the things I love and it’s time to get back to my peace. This gardening spree has been a little harsh on some plants

But look at all the beautiful new little shoots coming out of this beauty now

This is going to be gorgeous when it fills out again.

It has been while I’ve been gardening this morning that I’ve come to a realisation about something. Something that is a big something for me. We have some decisions happening in our business right now, to me it feels as though everything is coming together, everything is happening in perfect timing, but I realised this morning, that that is possibly not the case for everyone who is in our business. So……..after a conversation with my beautiful husband this morning I was wondering how is it that I can help him, how is it that I can make things easier for him. And my realisation was…..wait for it……..Just Be Me. HA that basic, you say. Did I not know that already you may ask? Well in all honesty no, I didn’t know that already. I have generally questioned if what I’m doing is enough or the right thing, or what more can I do? Oh that wasn’t the response I was wanting from my helping, what should I have done better? But today I came up with the pure and simple answer of Just Be Me. This is a biggy for me as I have been on a remembering of who I am the last 6 months, and I know I am not fully there yet, but I am getting mighty close….I can feel it. So it is with relief and belief and trust and conviction that the best thing I can do for anyone including myself is to Just Be Me and that is what I am going to do, in between everything else, I am just going to Be Me and be set in that and be comforted in that.

You are who you are, whether you are spiritually awakened or not and you have the choice to be whoever you want to be. We all have free will in everything we do, we may feel at times that we don’t have choice, but in all honesty, when you look the situation full on in the face for exactly what it is and not what you have always perceived it to be you will see the choices that you have in your life. Will you take the chance in making the choice you would dearly love to make and dare to be the person you dream to be?  

I hope you are having a great day.

Chat soon

T x

Be gentle

G’day 🙂

This post is a little old and I didn’t realise I hadn’t shared it but it is still applicable so here we go………

Thank you so much for stopping by today.  I hope you are having a good one.  Isn’t it great to be alive.

Recently we did some work in the garden setting up our fire pit so we could sit around it & talk about memories we have during our lives, so we can learn from each other & our kids can learn about their parent’s lives.

My husband and I decided we would share with our kids something that we would like to release from our lives so we can look at it head on & see it for what it is, how it isn’t serving us & then let it burn up in the fire.

This is the first time we have ever done anything like this with our kids & I was so excited that they were happy to join in.  Because my hubby & I are both only just starting our life discovery we are trying oh so hard to let our kids know that things could be a little rocky at times, but everything is going to work out ok & we are trying to take things as slow as we can (because believe me it’s happening fast).

So gentleness is one word that is in my head quite often.  I need to remember to be gentle to me, be gentle with the ones I love & that are living through what I am experiencing &  coming along on the ride in their own way.  I know that personal journeys are personal & from within, but our journeys seems to be overflowing into our lives so we are working with what we can, sharing what we can & reassuring when needed.  I also like to think about being gentle to those I don’t know.

Since starting this journey, I see people in a different light.  It is a light of love and acceptance & it is so refreshing.  It is such a nice feeling to see someone who may be have treated you badly but instead of thinking they’re horrible, or nasty or uptight, I can now see that they have their own demons they are dealing with.  I have no idea what they are experiencing or feeling.  So the best thing I can do for them to be gentle.  It could turn their day around.

Next time you see someone who is not finding life easy, or trying to learn something new, or you make a decision that could have been different, Go Gently because when you go gently it can change not only your outlook, but also those that are around you.

Chat soon

T x

Appreciation or Gratitude

It’s been quite a while since I posted and that is partly because I have been busy travelling a little and partly because I have been (and still am) working through some self doubts of “is what I want to say worth saying” and what will people think when they read what I have written.  But today is a day I’m feeling strong about 2 words and the difference they can make in the way you feel or think about things. 

I love listening to Esther & Abraham Hicks and something I recently heard them say is (something to the effect of but not quoting them) Appreciation and Gratitude are a very long way apart in the energetic world.  

Appreciation is a word that comes with ease compared to Gratitude comes with hard work & lack. 

So I have been looking at these two words and stopping before I say either one of them.  To be honest I do find saying appreciation easier than gratitude.  I feel that when I have gratitude for something, I question whether I am worthy of receiving it, when I have appreciation for it, there is absolutely no question as to whether I deserve it or not.  

I feel I have so much to say about these two words, but I honestly can’t put it into words, and this post has been in draft for over a week so I’m going to leave it here right now and come back to visit these words a little later. 

Chat soon

T x

Speaking with Confidence

So, I’ve been a bit quiet on here of late.  I have been flat out in life working on learning more about myself and learning about the things that are stopping me being the best version of me. 

Right now I am sitting in my motel room in Perth Western Australia. I’m down here for the week partaking in a conference called Speaking with Confidence run by Marnie LeFevre.   

You see, something that I discovered very recently is that I want to speak to farmers wives about their importance in life.  In my very new personal learning journey I have accepted that I play a very important role in the running of our farm. When I have introduced myself to people in the past I have usually said hi I’m Tanya Kitto. I’m just a farmers wife, and just a mum.  I didn’t understand the importance of my role as a farmers wife and mum in the bigger picture. I didn’t value the work that I did. So I want women in agriculture to see how important they are and accept that.  Accept that they are more than “just” anything.  They are wonderful, accomplished, incredible, beautiful, powerful and many many more things.   This is something that is very close to my heart because I have lived this and I am still accepting and working on it, but I have seen how much impact I have on many parts of our business. 
So I’m in Perth learning more about myself and learning how to put my story together to be able to take it out there to the wider community, to share my story with people.  In hopes that they will see how important they are (& not just to feed people, or clean the house, be the taxi driver or payt he bills), they are oh so much more than that.

Chat soon

T x

A trip to the city

Howdy Doody,  how are going today?  My husband and I are in the city (Perth, around 450kms away) today.  I have a seminar I’m helping out with & he is running some chores, picking up much needed parts…..as it goes with trips to the city, making sure we make the most of the time we have down there.

Earlier this year I went to a free seminar run by a lady named Marnie LeFevre.  It was advertised as Women’s Secret Business Academy learning how to make more money, making a bigger difference all while doing something that I loved.   I loved what Marnie had to say I couldn’t not sign up to the next course she was offering – the                 Femme-Trepreneur course.  This one was held in Perth over 3 days in May.  As it worked out I wasn’t doing what I loved, so I rang hubby & told him that I couldn’t continue on the road I was traveling because I wasn’t be true to myself.   He was so understanding & accepting, it blew me away 🙂

Anyway,  I decided I’d love to work with Marnie for 12 months & have signed up to a wonderful course she has offered for this to happen.  I’m really excited to be on this journey with someone as passionate as Marnie is about letting women shine in business.

Receiving my certificate of completion of the Femme-Trepreneur course in Perth

So where I’m leading to with this, is that signing up with Marnie for 12 months I have the opportunity to help Marnie & her team run her next free event in Perth.  This is one of the reasons we are here.  I’m really looking forward to having this opportunity, it’s going to be great to see how to run an event like this.  To see all the little things that get done & you as a participant don’t see because things are all run so professionally.

I’ll be sharing more of what I learn not only at this event, but also in my up coming courses over the next year.

In the meantime, take care & we’ll chat soon

T x