Looking back

Hi there, thanks for stopping by.

I was having a look back through a journal from last year and I found this passage that I wrote after a meditation one day and I really want to share it with you. When I decided to share it, I picked up my iPad to write it out and it was 2:22 so I recognised it is definitely something that is to be shared ❤️

Thank you for the gifts of self reflection

For looking within will tell you all you need to know to answer all the questions you have

Stop asking others and start asking yourself

Take your time

It will come

Feel comfortable in what you do

For rushing will only cause Confusion

Confusion causes Chaos

Chaos causes Doubt

Doubt causes Anxiousness

Anxiousness leads to Disbelief

Disbelief stops the process

So, follow your heart and believe I yourself, in all that you are capable of, in all that you dream and all that you wish. The possibilities of life are endless.

Much love, chat soon

T x

It’s been a week

And I am back. I want to start by saying a great big thank you to everyone that has visited my blog, I have had an influx of new subscribers and it’s so funny because I see a new one and I think, hmmmmm yup the Universe is reminding me I’m here to say something, I’m here to teach and here to help. So I want to say thank you, I truly appreciate you taking time out of your day to read my posts and subscribe.

So on Sunday I got my reminder that I have a blog post to do today and then this morning I had another reminder, (love technology and setting reminders) and I’ve been thinking I didn’t have anything to write about. Then as I was with my chickens outside I realised I do. It’s wonderful how when you shut off thechatterbrain what you can hear and pick up.

I’ve had an interesting day today, it has been filled with variety and I’ve loved it.

I started off with my ritual meditation this morning, then headed off to catch up with a beautiful friend of mine at one of my closer little towns and it was great to see her. When I got home my darling hubby turned up and asked if I could I help him, I had some wages to pay, so did that first, then headed off with him to shovel lupins. I ended up sweeping, not shovelling 😁. After that he had to go drive a tractor so I was blessed enough to go on it with him for a couple of hours. When I got home the weather was glorious, so I went outside and had a cup of tea, watered my garden and fed our animals, hung out washing, came in put dinner on and got the house ready for the evening. That’s it….well until my two gorgeous family members that are home will come in for dinner.

I feel so blessed to be able to have this glorious life. I feel like I have so many opportunities and I have such a wonderful and understanding husband who supports my decisions and believes in me totally. There certainly are those moments where I would like life to be a little different, and that’s one of the things that makes those sweet moments in life so sweet.

Yesterday we were blessed with such a splendid sunset and then today, farmlife, absolutely love it 💗 the clouds in this sunset were amazing and the colours were so vibrant. #nofilter

Thought I’d share a little video with you that I took while the seeder bin was being filled up.

That’s it from me today. I hope you enjoyed seeing a little of my world. I’ve still got my reminders for next week, so I’ll be back then and I look forward to sharing something else with you then.

Chat soon

T x

It’s been a while…….again

So….I’ve been listening to these really cool ladies podcasts, their names are Karly Nimmo and Lisa Corduff (Keeping Good Company) and they have me thinking. There’s been many moments while I’ve been listening here I’ve gone, yup that’s me, yup that’s me and yup that’s me yet again. And they’ve addressed some really interesting subjects. Anyway, one of the podcasts was about consistency and as I was listening to them chat away I was again saying oh that is so me with regards to so many things in my life.

Now, on this journey of remembering & discovery I have had moments where I’ve thought, oh yeh I’ll do that and stick to it, then I don’t, so then the next thing comes along and again I don’t stick with it. Yet there is one thing that I have stuck with consistently over the last couple of months that has held me strong in continuing the glorious journey and made riding the waves so much more enjoyable, well maybe not entirely enjoyable, certainly a little smoother. This is meditation 🧘‍♀️. So, I came to the decision this afternoon that if I can stick at meditation I can certainly create a new habit around blogging.

When I was a regular crafter I was also a regular blogger, I knew what I wanted to share, I knew what I was going to say, it was easy. I wanted to share my love of what I was doing. And I guess that with being in a place of discovery I’m trying to work out what I want to share, so I just don’t share anything.

I look at the name of my blog and think I “should” be sharing more about farming, the truth is that I’m not involved in the day to day physical side of farming, I’m in the office, doing paperwork and then there’s the everyday jobs that I do, cooking, washing etc…. so I resonate more with being a wife/Mum then I do being a farmer……is that a good or bad thing? Well maybe neither, maybe it just is. So, maybe it would be a good idea for me to change the name of my blog to something that resonates more with me…….hmmm something to ponder over.

So I think I’m going to just wing it, just going to have a go at sharing…whatever big or small. I have heaps I want to share from my meditations and journal and some of the things I am discovering. I’m also going to put a reminder in my calendar so I get a message to do a blog post each week, I’m going to start there and see how I go, I know this is something that is a comfortable commitment for me right now.

Ok, it is scheduled I my phone with 2 reminders so I get the message.

I have a photo I want to share with you, I shared it in one of my FB groups. The text I added to the post went…………..

I brought home some new chickens today and they’re all like, soft fluffy feathers. Then I turn around and see this gorgeous girl, it’s exactly how I feel at times…….shedding the old to allow the new, she’ll have new beautiful feathers soon too.

Much love and chat soon

T x

A little about farm life

It’s April, time to start thinking about seeding (planting). We have one crop a year, which is a winter crop and we usually work o starting to plant the seeds around April 26th. This year, it sounds as though we’ll be getting going a little earlier.

What I do what to show you is some photos our daughter has taken while she has been driving a tractor. You see, leading up to seeding, we do deep ripping. We’re ripping the ground down about 500mm (I think😬) so the wheat plants find it easier to put their roots down deeper to make the most of the soil moisture we have. We rip part of our farm every year, the part that’s going into wheat, the rest is planted to canola and lupins. This year we also ripped on a 5 degree angel to break up more of the hard pan and to help inter grate the soil at seeding.

Any way, here’s some pics from deep ripping and some ripper sunsets.

Cheers for stopping by

Chat soon

T x

The Big Black Wolf

I’mHi there, thanks for stopping by. Today I have a little something light and funny to share along with what I learnt from it.

One of my animal guides is a wolf and not just any wolf, it’s a BIG BLACK MALE WOLF. So this morning in meditation I asked him what his name is and he told me ‘Gary’ I nearly laughed, I mean, Gary 😂 really? It just didn’t seem to fit him. At the same time I got a flash of a tv advertisement that at the time I thought the dogs name was Gary you can check it out here Anyway, he knew I didn’t take him seriously and I asked him again, he replied with George and again I went, are you serious? I mean these names just don’t seem to fit your appearance to me. I had asked him in a previous meditation as well and he came up with some really weird name (I can’t for the life of me remember what it was and that’s not important) at this time I actually laughed out loud, I cracked up. So today he asked me what I thought his name is and I replied with wolf, just simply wolf and he agreed that was the perfect name that I could call him.

What I learnt from this is that this spiritual stuff,/learning/remembering doesn’t have to be all serious and business like with a goal at every turn, it can be fun and lighthearted. So go forward today with lighted hearted ness in your soul and have some fun. I’ve been at a farm paperless office workshop today which I did very much enjoy and I’ve just come home to start making some changes to my current system so I can move forward.

Thanks again for stopping by, chat soon

T x


Hi, how are you today? Me? I’m great thanks for asking 😁. I’m sitting listening to some groovy music while journaling. Things are flowing into my experience and it feels so great.

Recently when I was privileged to listen to Nadine Champion talk in Perth she asked us as a group to write I AM at the top of our page, then 1,2,3,4,5 down the page. She then asked us to take a couple of minutes to write 5 things about ourselves, as in our true deep selves, not that I have brown hair, or am thin, or tall…….things that are deeper than what the eye can see. The types of things our friends say about us.

I have worked for the last 12months on myself and if this was 12 months ago, I would have struggled, which most of hate women around me did. I was so proud because I could list 6 things about ME. And coming out of meditation I have been able to add to that list. Nadine asked us to continue adding to it and to get to 100. Well I’m on my way………

So I’m going to start sharing here with you what my I AM words are. Where I’m at and where I’m heading. I’ll add a new post as I find more words. I’m going to grow this to 100.


Tanya, pure source energy, love, joy, happiness, expressive, fun, knowledgeable, calm, wise, kind, creator, created, creative, worthy, honest, beautiful, a great friend, loyal, dedicated, hard working, clever, bright, a woman, brave, loving, caring, brave, strong, fluid, giver, receiver,

This is my start and I’m excited to grow this list, I’m really keen to see where my truth leads me. I’m excited to find some growth and words that at the moment don’t feel so easy to say, going deeper and becoming more aware of who I am…truly.

I’d love to know what some of your words are for your I AM. Or maybe you could sit and connect with yourself and find the first 5 words that come to your mind that are YOU ❤️

Take care, be easy and much love

Chat soon

T x

Listen to your intuition

Hi folks, thanks for stopping by today.

I wanted to share a little something with you that I have experienced lately. And it comes back to listening to your intuition. Whenever I’ve had that gut feeling I’ve listened to it and followed through with what I felt was right. In the past though, I thought I had to prove a point about being right. Now I just listen and follow through to see what the result or outcome is.

I’ve had a mole on the back of my leg for about 5 years. My husband has mentioned it to me, I’ve had people mention it to me while in line at the cafe, I’ve had my parents mention it, I’ve had friends comment on it and every time I’ve said yeh it’s all good. I recently went on a trip to Cambodia and while there I have a feeling that it was time to have the mole removed. So at my next doctors appointment I mentioned it and he cut it out then and there. In 4 days he rang me to tell me that it was an invasive malignant melanoma and needed to have more flesh cut out to make sure they got it all. Long story short, it’s all good now and all traces of the melanoma have gone, which is wonderful news.

I’m so thankful I listened to my gut feeling, my intuition and had it removed now because I know it has saved me a lot of heartache, pain, treatment and angst.

So, if you get that gut feeling, listen to it, trust it, it’s your inner guidance to what is right for you personally.

Take care and have a wonderful day.

Chat soon