Everything lined up 

Hi there. I hope you’re having a great day today. I’m in town today as I had to bring the kids in for school and I’ve got appointments a little later so while I’m filling in some time I have the privilege to witness this paradise

Yesterday was an absolutely spectacular day. I decided I wanted to stay in bed and watch some tele so I did that, I really enjoyed watching Queen of the Desert and it ended up being about 12.30pm before I got out of bed (if not a little later). So up I got, put some washing on then went outside.

I wandered down to see my chickens and then the day started, it was an incredible one where things just went right.  I started by watering my poinciana trees which led to weeding and mulching them and being down on my hand and knees in complete synchronisation with my chickens. I mean the atmosphere was one I can’t ever remember experiencing before and in all honesty I don’t know that I can describe it in a way that gives it complete justice.  We just knew where each other was going next and kept out of each other’s way without even having to think about each other.

I in all honesty can’t even really remember how the day went. It wasn’t a day of ticking things off my list or getting stuff done but was a day of just being, a day of living, a day of one thing flowing into the next.  And it was so funny because as the day went along and I recognised that I went looking for something and found that as well as something else I’ve been wanting to do I thanked my Inner Being for letting me see all the things that made me feel so good.

I’ve been listening to a few a YouTube clips and audio books lately and the theme is one of Inner Being knowing absolutely everything that is needed in our own lives and if we are open to receiving those messages then our life can flow and be in complete synchronisation with what we are wanting to achieve.

So as I think back to what I achieved it was much much more than I thought or anticipated. But it wasn’t about achieving, it was about being.  I am oh so appreciative of yesterday and my Inner Being and the Universe and just simply everything. It was such a super day that at dinner time I was having trouble sitting still, I was buzzing with happiness and excitement not about achieving but about life and being alive. My darling husband even called me a jitterbug 😁❣️.

Thank you Universe, thank you life and thank you ME for being me.

Have a great day beautiful people.

Chat soon

T x

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