Appreciation or Gratitude

It’s been quite a while since I posted and that is partly because I have been busy travelling a little and partly because I have been (and still am) working through some self doubts of “is what I want to say worth saying” and what will people think when they read what I have written.  But today is a day I’m feeling strong about 2 words and the difference they can make in the way you feel or think about things. 

I love listening to Esther & Abraham Hicks and something I recently heard them say is (something to the effect of but not quoting them) Appreciation and Gratitude are a very long way apart in the energetic world.  

Appreciation is a word that comes with ease compared to Gratitude comes with hard work & lack. 

So I have been looking at these two words and stopping before I say either one of them.  To be honest I do find saying appreciation easier than gratitude.  I feel that when I have gratitude for something, I question whether I am worthy of receiving it, when I have appreciation for it, there is absolutely no question as to whether I deserve it or not.  

I feel I have so much to say about these two words, but I honestly can’t put it into words, and this post has been in draft for over a week so I’m going to leave it here right now and come back to visit these words a little later. 

Chat soon

T x

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