Speaking with Confidence

So, I’ve been a bit quiet on here of late.  I have been flat out in life working on learning more about myself and learning about the things that are stopping me being the best version of me. 

Right now I am sitting in my motel room in Perth Western Australia. I’m down here for the week partaking in a conference called Speaking with Confidence run by Marnie LeFevre.   

You see, something that I discovered very recently is that I want to speak to farmers wives about their importance in life.  In my very new personal learning journey I have accepted that I play a very important role in the running of our farm. When I have introduced myself to people in the past I have usually said hi I’m Tanya Kitto. I’m just a farmers wife, and just a mum.  I didn’t understand the importance of my role as a farmers wife and mum in the bigger picture. I didn’t value the work that I did. So I want women in agriculture to see how important they are and accept that.  Accept that they are more than “just” anything.  They are wonderful, accomplished, incredible, beautiful, powerful and many many more things.   This is something that is very close to my heart because I have lived this and I am still accepting and working on it, but I have seen how much impact I have on many parts of our business. 
So I’m in Perth learning more about myself and learning how to put my story together to be able to take it out there to the wider community, to share my story with people.  In hopes that they will see how important they are (& not just to feed people, or clean the house, be the taxi driver or payt he bills), they are oh so much more than that.

Chat soon

T x

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