Seeding 2017

It’s seeding (planting) time for us here on the farm. We have just spent,, well actually I can’t tell you off the top of my head how longs it’s taken to get seeding finished. It’s been going for what seems like forever. But it’s now all over.

My hubby doesn’t drive a tractor, he is on the ground making sure everything goes as it should & fixing the things that need fixing. But last night he had the chance to drive a tractor for a couple of hours & he asked me if I wanted to join him. This is a really rare occasion, so I was on board totally.

Watching the sun go down on another beautiful day

This is what’s behind the tractor. The white tanks have liquid fertiliser in them.

This is what is behind the bins that are behind the tractor. The seeds come out here & this is what actually plants them into the ground. (the white truck is just filling up the tank with more seed and fertiliser)
There’s something special about sitting in the tractor cab & watching everything tick along, knowing that this is the beginning of another year.  Another year of planting, nurturing, decision making, worrying, not worrying, planning for the next year, driving around the farm to see what’s going on, then watching it ripen ready for harvest.

Knowing that this is the beginning of a process we can’t stop or change our mind about.  We commit to planting the crop & once that is done, we have to follow through.  There is absolutely nothing we can do about the rain or lack of it.  The frost or hopefully lack of it 🙂  We’ve started the ball rolling & we need to keep it moving for this year until it comes to fruition at harvest, then follow that through & see how we come out the other side.

Farming is a life of commitment, dedication & faith.  Faith in the fact that once we plant the seeds, the rains will come, the weather will fine up, more rain will come & then it will warm up for it to ripen so we can harvest without too many if any fires & reap the rewards of the uncertainty, enjoyment & satisfaction in knowing that what we have grown will feed around 10,000 people for a year.  That’s a pretty special feat, to grow the food for 10,000 people for a year & we do that year in, year out.

So on Friday we finished seeding.

Now it is time for cleaning down machinery, packing away & starting to closely watch the beautiful seeds emerge from the ground so we can see what they need & help them to survive.  Spraying herbicides to kill the competition weeds, spreading the fertiliser to help and encourage it to grow…….all timed as perfectly as we can.  It’s all out of our hands, but we just take what is given to us & make the most of it as best we can & in all honesty I don’t think either of us would change it for the world.

He loves being a farmer & I love being a farmers wife.

Robby & I went for a drive to have a look at some soil that has been treated a little differently & seeing where the seeds are located, so we can have an idea of how long it might be before they’ll start to emerge

Perfect furrows to be able to harvest the water when it rains. Giving the seeds a much needed drink. The valleys need the rain, the little hills don’t.

It’s not a very good pic, but this is our eldest daughter in another tractor rig up like we are in
Chat soon

T x

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